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No human being is too young or too old for Chiropractic care. At Wang Family Chiropractic, our patients range in years from birth to old age. Regular chiropractic spinal exams can provide corrective and preventive care for all individuals.

Regardless of age, when the body is stressed (either by physical, chemical or emotional factors) a vertebrae can become misaligned. When this occurs it can cause pressure or irritation to nerves, causing a disturbance in nervous system function. This process is known as a “subluxation”.

For example, when a human being is born the birth process may cause trauma to the neck and spine. If left uncorrected, the vertebral subluxation could disturb the delicate spinal cord and nerves which control the infant’s muscles and organs. In some cases, uncorrected subluxations may even lead to a deformity of the spinal column. An early chiropractic checkup may detect possible subluxations while they are still easily correctable.

Children suffer numerous accidents and falls while learning to walk, riding a bike, simply jumping or running around, and while participating in athletics. But even after their tears have dried and the bumps and bruises have disappeared, underlying subluxations could go undetected.

The nervous system in your child’s body is the master control system of growth, repair, and the function of every tissue and organ in his/her body. To restore optimum expression of this vital system, our doctors will make a series of safe, gentle ‘adjustments’ carefully restoring normal alignment and function to the spine. By having subluxations corrected throughout childhood, your children will be better prepared to face all the challenges that life has to offer.

At Wang Family Chiropractic, we believe it’s much more important to prevent diseases than wait for illness to occur. Through regular adjustments, as well as awareness on proper diet, exercise and posture, chiropractic can help you raise a child free of subluxations whose body is structurally and functionally sound. Learning good health habits starting at an early age can benefit your child well into adulthood.